2069 – First permanent station established on the Moon.

2072 – United Nations dissolved, replaced with the Shanat Concordiam.

2076 – Hybrid scoop/nuclear engines invented. Allow travel at up to a quarter of the speed of light.

2084 – Permanent base established on Mars.


2110 – Shanat Concordiam powers expanded to include independently controlled military force and extraterritorial powers. China and the U.S. leave The Concordiam in protest.

2116 – China and the U.S. rejoin The Concordiam after being given special exemptions and a special veto over certain types of actions The Concordiam may undertake within their sovereign borders.

2125 – First private industrial complexes established on Mars.

2132 – Private industrial complexes expand to the asteroids.

2141 – Penal/mining colony established on Ceres, within the asteroid belt.

2149 – First domed city (Pomerium) established on Mars.

2152 – Massive stores of ice/water found in underground vaults on Mars.

2161 – Mars core discovered to be radiating heat with a molten lava-like substrate. The Icarus project is initiated to harvest heat from the core.

2184 – Science station established on Titan.

2192 – Science station established on Ganymede.

2198 – Ganymede station forms an extended floating base within the atmosphere of Jupiter.


2221 – Dark-matter drives invented. Allow speeds approaching the speed of light.

2224 – Mars population expands to half a million established within sixteen domed cities and agricultural preserves.

2251 – Mars granted independence. Granted a non-voting/observer seat at the Shanat Concordiam.

2262 – First (despite previous claims, this is considered to be the first generally accepted instance of) self-aware A.I. created.


2314 – First expedition to the outer planets.

2334 – First indications of anomalous space surrounding the Solar System. Ships have multiple failures entering this surrounding area dubbed The Sargasso Space.

2345 – The manned ship Basilisk is launched from Jupiter station with the intent of breaking through the Sargasso Grid. All contact is lost with the ship soon after it leaves the confines of the Solar System.

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Mike Resnick

Winner of more Hugo Awards than anyone else, dead or
alive, for short fiction (third for novels), Mike is the author
of such popular titles as Santiago and the novella "Seven
Views of Olduvai Gorge" (one of the most awarded novellas
in the genre in multiple countries). He was the executive
editor of Jim Baen's Universe and currently edits
Galaxy's Edge
. Mike Resnick was the Guest
of Honor at the 2012 Worldcon.



Marina J. Lostetter

Marina J. Lostetter's short fiction has appeared in venues such as InterGalactic Medicine Show,, and Lightspeed. She has also written for the Star Citizen universe. Originally from Oregon, Marina now lives in Arkansas with her husband, Alex. She tweets as @MarinaLostetter and maintains a homepage at

Lou J. Berger

Lou Berger lives in Denver with three kids, three Shelties, and
a kink-tailed cat with odd habits. He's written a number of

stories for Galaxy's Edge magazine.

Andrea G. Stewart

Andrea Stewart is a 2013 Writers of the Future finalist,
and has recently sold stories to Daily Science Fiction and Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Tina Gower

Tina Gower is the winner of the 2013 Writers of the Future
Gold Prize
as well as the 2013 Daphne du Maurier Award
or Best Mystery/Suspense.

Brad R. Torgersen

Brad R. Torgersen's stories regularly appear in the pages of
magazine—where his work has won two AnLab
readers' choice awards—and his fiction has also won him the
Writers of the Future
award, earned him multiple nominations
for the Hugo award, and concurrent nominations for the
Nebula and Campbell awards. His debut novel, The Chaplain's War, was published by Baen Books in October 2014.


We will be accepting submissions of stories set in the Sargasso Universe at a future date (current expectations, subject to change, are for us to start accepting submissions by September 2015). Please check back here for detailed instructions on how to do so.


Song of the Sargasso by Marina J. Lostetter
Galaxy's Edge Issue 11, November 2014

An intrepid mining team ventures into the extra-solar Sargasso Grid—a mysterious bubble of anomalous physics and strange happenings—to seek their fortune. Piloting their vessel is Victor Carvalho, a man desperate to escape the torment of unrequited love. After entering the Grid, his team stumbles across a long-lost interstellar exploration ship which disappeared decades previously. What they discover aboard sends Victor into an emotional tailspin, and could end humanity's reach into the stars for good..


Nikki Dark and the Black Rust by Lou J. Berger
Galaxy's Edge Issue 11, November 2014

Nikki, a disfigured smuggler plying her trade in the cold darkness between Ceres and the Jovian moons, struggles to earn enough money to support her only son back on Earth. Her outlaw status has exiled her to the outer planets, thanks to her past crimes. When she discovers that he is in danger, she decides to risk traveling back to Earth and, if caught, to an almost certain death.


In Secrets, Absolution by Andrea G. Stewart
Galaxy's Edge Issue 12, January 2015

"Rat has kept her mouth shut all her miserable life—until the moment she snitches on her crime lord boss in exchange for a reduced sentence. She gets sent to mine the asteroids at the penal colony on Ceres. But it’s not as good a deal as she’d hoped, because on Ceres, the prisoners are experiencing strange hallucinations. As prisoners fall into deathlike comas, Rat’s friend, Marcus, races to track the source of the visions with her reluctant help. Rat has more immediate concerns: who does she have to sell out to get off this rock?"


Calming the Tempest by Tina Gower
Galaxy's Edge Issue 12, January 2015

Feel lucky? Lily Silva did. She just missed being in the wreck of the Basilisk, avoided a loveless marriage, and was now a top biologist at Mars Station. But luck can turn when you least expect it, and suddenly her son has fallen prey to an unknown disease, one the doctors can’t even define. Marcus, a stranger, claims he can help—but Marcus has a criminal record, and is wanted by the mob, putting the station in danger. What does he know about the mystery of Sargasso—and can she trust him? And if she can’t, what will happen to her son?



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